About Us

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Our Story

At Gary White Insurance, we’ve been designing, distributing and selling insurance products for more than 40 years now.
The insurance landscape has dramatically shifted since we first started. There was a time we visited our clients and sat at their kitchen tables to discuss their insurance needs. Now many of our clients request instant communications, instant quotes, instant calculations. And we’re loving that too!
But we’ve held on to our old-world values of trust, transparency and regular communication, because we know well-informed customers make the best clients. And we’ve augmented them with new-world solutions, products and technologies, because we know we need to be faster, more efficient and smarter to keep pace with you.
Our engagement approach and customized insurance solutions cater to every consumer segment – from boomers to millennials, established businesses to start-ups.
We stand out because of our unique and holistic approach to insurance.


Help employers understand the true value of employee benefits and educate their employees to become active consumers—rather than
passive receivers—of benefits.

Our Values

Trust: Our relationships are based on mutual trust. Our clients  trust us to find them the best price for the best policy from the best insurance companies. We scout multiple carriers for the best plan features, at the lowest possible price, and all on one single monthly billing.

Transparency: We communicate changes by being upfront and transparent about why the changes are happening and what plan members can expect.

Regular communication: Our Concierge Service Agreement is our commitment to consistently keep you informed, not just at renewal.

Our Difference

  • We identify and address short-and long-term objectives across all benefits (beyond just cost controls).
  • We rely on scientific data to set the right objectives, such as referring to top disease stats that drive costs across all benefits.
  • We resolve problems before they become problems and we have the relationships with carriers and providers to jump in and do just that.
  • We help employers create a benefit plan philosophy, acceptable to everyone, by linking it to business strategy.


Community Involvement

Gary White says he feels blessed to be surrounded by his loving family and friends, valued clients and a generous community. To show his gratitude for all that he has received, Gary has been using his skills in building homes and partnerships to lead five volunteer crews from the Trinity Anglican Church Mississauga to Brisas del Valle, a community in Honduras that was devastated by Hurricane Mitch.
Since 1999, he has led five volunteer construction crews, and helped raise funds to rebuild homes. Gary was nominated Angel of Hope for bringing hope to others and making a difference in their communities, by World Vision’s Christmas Angel of Hope Campaign.