Group Critical Insurance

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Group Critical Insurance

Individual Critical Illness plans are becoming prohibitively expensive for many. This is due to various factors that now include personal and family history. Group Critical Illness insurance is the vehicle that can provide critical illness benefits to many consumers who would otherwise be unable to afford or qualify for such a plan.

What to look for in Group Critical Illness insurance:

Most agents and brokers are “generalists” and as such are poorly versed in the important differences of Group Critical Illness insurance policies. We are specialists in this field and we are prepared to show you a comparison chart of how the various insurance companies stack up against one another by way of covered events and their definitions. We deal with them all but there is one company that’s head and shoulders above the rest.

Call (800) 433-5307 for an appointment and we’ll show you this eye-opening comparison chart.

A second thing to look for is a stand-alone Group Critical Illness policy. This allows the employer to choose a different group insurance carrier for other employee benefits and yet maintain their Group Critical Illness policy. Many companies bundle their Group CI with other insurance coverages and some do not grandfather existing covered events and the pre-existing conditions clause.

Thirdly, you will want to consider two important features when purchasing Group Critical Illness.

  1. One is the strength of the definitions’ wordings, and the other
  2. Is the pre-existing conditions clause.

These determine if and when you will be paid. Reinsurers tell us that 80% of all denied claims are due to pre-existing conditions. The remaining 20% of denied claims are due to the illness or condition’s failure to satisfy the definition.

You have two choices:

  1. Find a plan with NO pre-existing conditions clause, and
  2. Find a plan with the absolute best policy definitions.

Your best choice for Group Critical Illness:

Being Group Critical Illness Insurance specialists, we have been chosen to be part of an elite group of brokers under the direction of Megacorp Insurance Agencies. Megacorp is the architect behind TOTAL LIVING CARE (TLC), arguably the best Group Critical Illness product in the marketplace today.

Why Total Living Care is the Industry Best:

  1. Three Plan Options – Bronze (8 events), Silver (16 events) and Gold (25 events)
  2. TLC is the only plan that includes Traumatic Brain Injury as a covered event
  3. Superior to industry’s “benchmark” definitions (see comparison)
  4. Guaranteed Issue starting with firms as low as 2 lives
  5. Optional Spouse and Dependent Child Critical Illness benefit
  6. Portable coverage up to $100,000 for terminated employees
  7. Fine Print Assurance Commitment (claims not denied based on changes to medical diagnostics)
  8. You can name a Contingent Beneficiary
  9. No pre-existing condition clause for firms with 50 or more employees
  10. One-year pre-existing condition clause for firms with 10 to 49 employees

Call us today for a free consultation and get your copy of our Group Critical Illness chart showing how all of the insurance companies stack up against one another for covered events and definitions.