Health & Dental

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Health & Dental

Why you need this coverage

Because there are some serious misnomers about how much the government covers. In reality, there are big gaps between what the provincial governments provide. Those who do not have access to group plans are significantly exposed. The risk of getting injured or sick is great.  Medical cost can be expensive.

A snapshot of the prescription drug market in Canada should provide better perspective.

  • Approximately $16 Billion of sales per year
  • 378 million prescriptions are sold per year
  • 2% name brand vs 16.8% generic
  • Average cost of name brand $62.06, generic $23.33
  • Average cost of new drugs developed after 1998 is $114.41 (20-year patent)

(Source: Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association)

Sample Drug Costs

Condition Monthly Cost 1 Year Cost Potential 10 Yr Cost
Allergies $33 $400 $4,000
Diabetes  $276  $3,312  $33,120
Arthritis  $50 – $80  $600 – $1,000  $6,000 +
High Blood Pressure  $50 – $100  $600 – $1,200  $6,000 +
Colitis & Crohns  $108  $1,296  $12,960
Multiple Sclerosis  $3,400  $40,800  $408,000

Source: Blue Cross

Which plan is best for you

Choosing the right plan will largely depend on your current life situation and circumstances.  We have included here some of our industry’s most comprehensive and affordable plan options.  Select from “Your Situation Today” and we will match you up to what’s best for you today.

Your Situation Today  You May Want to Consider

Small Business Owner


Contract Worker



Retired Individual

Green Shield Canada’s Health Assist. You have six plans to choose from but Plan 6 delivers the best value for your premium dollar. Rates have been very stable over the years and once you’ve got it, you’ve got for life. No age restriction on plan or emergency travel insurance.

Loss of Job & Benefits

a) I (we) are in good health

b) I (we) are currently taking medications

Depending on “your situation today” we have selected the plan that provides the highest limit for prescription drugs.
Catastrophic Health Coverage Manulife provides unlimited drug coverage for those who can afford to pay the first $4,500 out of their pocket each year but are concerned about the possibility of high drug costs in the future.
Currently Taking Expensive Medication You must be in good health to purchase Health & Dental insurance.  If not, then your only choice might be the Ontario Trillium Drug Plan.  There is a deductible based on one’s household income.
Looking for Dental Only Manulife offers 4 plans to choose from, each with some ancillary health benefits included.
Just Shopping Around That’s okay.  We’ve done your homework for you.  Here are 4 of our industry’s best health & dental plans to choose from.