The Group Solution Program™

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The Group Solution Program™

We are reshaping the future of Group Insurance through our creation of The Group Solution ProgramTM. Our program brings value, stability and choice through innovative benefit solutions. Here are a few of the highlights of this unique program.

  • We use multiple carriers to achieve the best plan features at the lowest possible price, and all on one single monthly billing.
  • We have Couple pricing. This means we offer a fair price to those who are not a family.
  • We have longer first-year rate guarantees. Clients can receive as much as a 21-month rate guarantee for health and dental and a 27-month rate guarantee for life and disability.
  • Our core benefit program is health and dental. For some small businesses that’s all they want.
  • The renewals are done by our company through a Block Renewal Underwriting arrangement. This way we are able to make sure they are fair, justified and affordable.
  • All terminated employees are informed of their rights to convert their life, health and dental insurance over to an individual plan.
  • We offer Optional Diagnostic and Special Access Insurance to allow insured employees, who are placed on a wait-list greater than 21 days, immediate access to diagnostic examinations (MRI, CT Scans) and Specialist consultations in Canada.
  • We have Optional Critical Illness Insurance with superior definitions compared to the industry’s benchmark definitions. Ours is the only plan available today with a Fine Print Assurance Commitment clause to ensure definitions are always kept current.
  • We provide Optional Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) through the world’s largest wellness, work-life provider.
  • You have access to Optional Medical Second Opinion, Disability Support Services and Eldercare Case Management.

Most often businesses will call us for a free introductory consultation. If that’s where you want to start, then call us now at (800) 433-5307.

Our research has shown that while business customers feel more comfortable using a broker when shopping for employee benefits, they want online access to information and they want more choices to help them define their benefit needs. Here are some of the areas our customers tell us they want to know more about:

Group insurance decisions are generally made on price, coverage, service and employee communication and not always in that order. Although we have never failed on price, we attach a high priority to educating employees on the true value of employee benefits and how these meet their individual needs. With the approval of the employer we do this using The Personal BeneFit ProgramTM.

The Group Solution ProgramTM for “first-time” buyers

If you are a small business who has never had group insurance before and you are now thinking about implementing a plan for your employees, then we have three excellent Health Plans and three Dental Plans for you to choose from.

Health and Dental represent the Core of our benefit plans and from there you have the option of choosing either Life and AD&D, Dependent Life, Short or Long-Term Disability or Critical Illness insurance. If you choose any one of the group options then you will have to complete and submit an Employee Census Data sheet.

Compare and choose from the following plans: