Travel Insurance – Vacation

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Travel Insurance – Vacation

Policy Limit: $5,000,000

  • Single or a Multi-Trip Annual Plan
  • Top-Up Coverage Available
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered if you complete a health questionnaire
  • Plans with 7-day Stability of Health Option available
  • Read the policy
Note: If under the age of 60 and trip is less than 30 days, select Quick Trip link.  No medical questionnaire but your health must be stable for 90 days prior to the effective date.

Stability of Health Definition: This means-

  • a) there has been no new treatment; and
  • b) there has been no change in treatment or change in treatment frequency or type; and
  • c) there have been no signs or symptoms or new diagnosis; and
  • d) there have been no test results showing deterioration; and
  • e) there has been no hospitalization; and
  • f) there has been no referral to a specialist (made or recommended) and you are not awaiting the results of further investigations performed by any medical professional.


  • a) the routine adjustment of Coumadin, Warfarin, or insulin (as long as the medication is not first prescribed or stopped during the 90 days prior to the effective date);
  • b) change from a brand name medication to a generic medication as long as the medication was not first prescribed during 90 days prior to the effective date and there is no increase or decrease in dosage;
  • c) a minor ailment.