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In work environments that encourage health and wellness, surveys consistently show us that employees are far more satisfied with their jobs and positive about health benefit plans.

The most common “tactile” wellness programs are flu shots at work, discounts for external gym memberships or fitness classes, on-site fitness centre or gym and online health risk assessments.

Although wellness means different things to different people, especially across generations, more and more businesses are making the commitment to build wellness into their culture through various means, whether it be policies and practices or specific service offerings.

At Gary White Insurance we have found that our clients are receptive to targeted health information based on personal claims data and the biggest return on the wellness investment comes from those employees who have chronic disease or who might be at high risk of disease.

Wellness is a conversation worth having particularly in light of the high interest levels being shown today towards new wellness-oriented benefits.

If your group insurance premiums are increasing substantially year over year, call us for an in-depth analysis of your benefit plan and how wellness programs might positively impact that.