Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty Programs

At Gary White Insurance we have a 10-year history of working with large groups and associations. Over those years, we have seen a lot of loyalty programs, but have promoted very few to our clients. They simply lacked the WOW FACTOR!

But here’s one for you that definitely has it–the WOW factor. Through a silent partnership arrangement we have in Canada, we are able to promote a discount Hotel program to large groups and associations.

The typical online Hotel booking company works on a 25% to 40% profit margin meaning a Hotel costing $50 a night at wholesale will cost the consumer $75 to $100 a night. Travel websites process millions of transactions, which translate into big money. That’s why you see expensive TV ads from these companies promising Hotel savings.

Many associations are using this Hotel program as a value-added membership benefit and at the same time using it as an income generator for the association.

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